Damp Repairs

DNR Caravan Services have been carrying out damp repairs for the many years and are approved by Swift. Unfortunately, we see a very high percentage of caravans that have varying levels of water ingress. This can be a very costly repair to your pride and joy and can be certainly avoided or caught in time by regular servicing or damp inspections. This has a large impact on the work then required to put right the situation. We categorise damp as two separate areas –


Prevention Of further water ingress

By having a regular damp report on your caravan or motorhome, your service agent can start to build a picture of where the most likely cause of any water ingress may be coming in. although there are still costs involved, they are nowhere near the costs of remedial work as well. If found early, it is a case of preventing further water ingress – this involves removing and resealing awning rails, extrusions, windows and aerials and as long as the readings are not too high the area can be dried and should be a fix.

Remedial Work

This sadly is a lot more labour-intensive and as well as dealing with point of ingress as highlighted above, there is sometimes the need to remove damaged wall board and structural timbers. DNR Caravan services uses a professional carpenter for this work so that every effort is made to ensure all work is carried out to a very high standard.